Express 5 minute Fusio-Dose Ritual - £15

Instant hair transformation. The ritual begins with an in-depth consultation to diagnose your hair condition. Unlike any other treatments from Kerastase, Fusio-Dose allows for multiple hair concerns to be targeted with one concentrated active formula.

Choose from 4 concentrates to target your primary need and one of the 5 powerful boosters to target your secondary need. Watch your hairstylist twist, mix and fuse your chosen Fusio-Dose before your eyes. Hair is stronger, looks shinier, smoother and feels thicker, as its transformed.

10 Minute Intense Shine Ritual - £18

Want intense shine and radiance? Well this treatment is for you. Beautifying oil is added to the hair to give show stopping shine, this is then followed by a Fusio-Dose as above.

Indulgent 15 Minute 24 Carat Ritual - £20

15 minutes of indulgent bliss; a sensorial journey leaving you completely relaxed and your hair transformed, deep down.

Other rituals

Chronologist - £25

Give your hair an exceptional and complete ritual. Chronologiste combines luxurious advanced technology and unique sensory experience, this restorative treatment sublimates all hair types, from scalp to ends.

Nutritive Protocle Immunute – £15
(£20 for severely dried-out hair)

Exceptional Nourishing care for dry to severely dry feeling hair. A professional tailor-made dosage of the System Nutri-Capture, created according to the level of hair-dryness, to give an intense, long lasting and divine nutritive touch.